Wanderlust means Joy


  1. Watercolor
    A lot of people seem to think that bright colors means its a watercolor Tattoo, and that isn't true. A watercolor Tattoo actually looks like watercolor paint on your skin when it's done well. Everything else is just considered a color Tattoo. This is a genre that a lot of Tattoo Artists struggle with and that Mayhem excels at.
  2. Bright Colors
    Bright colors! Nothing is more fun to do than a large color Tattoo! Not every color looks good on every person, understanding color theory well enough to know what colors WILL look good on someones skin is just one skill that Mayhem brings to Wanderlust Tattoo.
  3. Cover-ups
    Cover-ups is just one of the many services we provide at Wanderlust Tattoo. Each cover-up requires its own considerations, special planning and detail to insure that the previous Tattoo does not show through. Bring all those thing's together and you have one great cover-up.
  4. Fix-ups
    Sometimes we just need a little love given to the older ink on our skin. Maybe it wasn't done that well, maybe it's still savable? Come on in so we can take a look and go over your options. When we can, we try and save what is there because fixing an old Tattoo and making it look amazing - is a wonderful feeling!
  5. Fandom
    When you bring in photos of your passion, we get excited. Nothing is more powerful than a Tattoo of something that truly touches your heart. Whatever your fandom is, we would love to celebrate it with you!
  6. Realism
    Realism when it comes to Tattoos is one of those tricky, yet totally satisfying projects that leave you feeling elated when all is said and done. Each piece presents its own challenges and all are fun to do.

              These are but a few of the specialties we offer at Wanderlust Tattoo.