Wanderlust means Joy


It all started out in a little Tattoo Shop with a HUGE worldwide following. There, May learned how to do everything from helping people, to drawing, piercing, and eventually Tattooing. Working in a Shop that garnered a long waiting list (months sometimes) taught her about the value of treating each customer like they've been waiting their whole life to get Tattooed. It was one of the best formative experiences an Artist could ask for. 
The focus was always on the Art, the importance of being well rounded, of having solid skills before ever even picking up a Tattoo machine. Respect was given to the creative force behind all art, and priority to the joy of the customer when they see their finished Tattoo. That glow, that wonderful feeling of being a part of someone else's life, their story, propelled May to become the Artist that she is today. 


  1. Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire ;)
    Tattoo Artist Extraordinaire ;)
    May or Mayhem, creative driving force behind the idea of what Wanderlust should, and could, stand for. An Artist who enjoys multiple types of Art, including watercolor, acrylic, oil, and sculpture. Also currently taking classes on digital art and digital art applications.
  2. Certifiably Excellent Official - CEO
    Certifiably Excellent Official - CEO
    Ace, making sure you get your Tattoo or Tattoos as quickly as possible. Here to answer any and all questions, and make the process as smooth as possible. An experienced Tattoo receiver, he has over 50 hours of ink on his body at this point and still growing.